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Tell them when you’re leaving, why you need this trip for your mental health, what you’ll be working on on, the benefits you think this trip will provide, and when you’ll be returning from this trip.

More to come…

I used to think all of this was crap. Sure, I thought it was fun to read my horoscope sometimes like you would a fortune cookie or Magic 8 ball, but internally I mocked people who took it seriously. “I’m a magical snowflake, how could these tests possibly define me?!?” I’m still on the fence about astrology, but I am 100% certain the tests below have helped me during my existential crisis and will continue to help me throughout my life. If acting like a “basic bitch” and referring to myself by my enneagram number (“7 heeere!”), …

I’m so glad you’re here. First, I just need you to know that you’re gonna be OK. Better than okay, actually. Let’s just get that out of the way right now.

I shouldn’t say this, but screw it, CONGRATULATIONS! You’re thinking, “Did you just have the fucking nerve to congratulate me?! I feel like my life is ending. My emotions are all over the place. I’m confused and anxious. I’m questioning if my life has meaning and if I’ll ever be happy again. I’m bored and stressed at the same time — is that even possible?!” It is. I did…


Existential crisis survivor sharing her experience in the hopes of helping just one dang person.

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